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Electronic device use

How is electronic device use relevant to schizophrenia?

There is growing interest in using telemental health to support the treatment of schizophrenia. Telemental health refers to any treatment that is delivered electronically, such as via mobile devices, online health programs or video conferencing. This topic assesses rates of electronic device use to ascertain whether telemental health treatments would be viable for people with schizophrenia.

What is the evidence for electronic device use?

Moderate quality evidence suggests around 66% of people with schizophrenia use mobile phones, with the rate increasing to 81% in the most recent studies. Attitudes are generally positive towards using mobile phones for monitoring mental health, receiving information or reminders, and for facilitating contact with mental health services. Therefore, telemental health services delivered via mobile phone are viable. We found no evidence from systematic reviews on computer use .

Also see the topic on telemental health treatments.


February 2019

Page last updated: 2:09  11 February 2019

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