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How is employment related to schizophrenia? Employment rates are typically low and can be used as a measure of social disability in schizophrenia. Employment function is commonly assessed using outcomes such as rates of employment, success in getting and keeping employment, as well as patient characteristics and the treatments received. Low rates of employment among people with schizophrenia places extended burden on social support and disability services, and significantly affects quality of life. Employment rates may be improved by greater focus on patient education and opportunities for supported employment. What is the evidence regarding employment? Reviews with moderate or moderate…

Therapies for unemployment

What is vocational rehabilitation?  Vocational rehabilitation refers to any intervention aimed at reducing the high unemployment rates in people with schizophrenia and other severe mental illnesses. Vocational rehabilitation may have wide-reaching benefits, including improved symptoms and personal achievement, and reduced ongoing health care costs. Two key approaches for rehabilitation are prevocational training and supported employment. Prevocational training aims to increase employability by providing community-based preparation before people enter into the competitive workforce (employment that is paid at competitive, or award wages); examples include “clubhouses”, transitional employment, work crews, and skills training. Supported employment aims to assist people with schizophrenia find…

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