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Topics tagged with "Schizophrenia and parenthood"

Therapies for mothers with schizophrenia

Why do mothers with schizophrenia need specialised treatments? Mothers who have been diagnosed with schizophrenia face challenges in accessing and maintaining treatment programs, particularly when inpatient care is required. Mothers with dependent children may be less likely to seek treatments for their illness due to a fear of losing custody of their children, or due to difficulties in finding alternative care should hospitalisation be required. They may also find it difficult to properly adhere to any treatment programs due to the demands of childcare. Mothers have been shown to be particularly at risk of relapse in the months immediately following…

Treatments during pregnancy and breastfeeding

What are the issues regarding antipsychotic treatment during pregnancy and motherhood?  Antipsychotic use during pregnancy requires careful consideration of the mother’s risk of illness relapse, against the risk of harm or complications for the mother and developing infant if medication is to be continued. What is the evidence for the use of antipsychotics during pregnancy and breastfeeding? High quality evidence finds a small, increased risk of gestational diabetes mellitus during pregnancy with antipsychotic use (first or second generation). Moderate quality evidence suggests a small increased risk of heart defect or lower birth weight in infants, and a small increased risk…


What are the issues concerning parenthood for people with schizophrenia?  People with schizophrenia have reduced fertility rates compared to general population rates. There is interest in determining how genetic factors predisposing people to schizophrenia are maintained in the face of these reduced fertility rates and this could be explained by increased fertility rates in unaffected relatives. Antipsychotic use in pregnant women requires careful consideration of the mother’s risk of illness relapse, against the risk of harm or complications for the developing infant (including congenital malformation, or poor obstetric outcomes) if medication is to be continued. However, there is currently very…

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