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Topics tagged with "Schizophrenia and personality"

Personality and temperament

What is personality and temperament? Personality and temperament are thought to be relatively stable over time and include emotional, reactive, and attentional traits. Studies assessing personality and temperament use “positive” stimuli, which generates pleasurable emotional states, “negative” stimuli evokes avoidant, threat, sadness, or other negative emotional states, and “neutral” stimuli generally provokes no response. Hedonic and aversive emotions refer to the positive or negative emotions following stimuli presentation. One of the main personality models is the Five-Factor Model which includes five traits of; 1) neuroticism: vulnerability to emotional instability and self-consciousness, 2) extraversion: predisposition towards sociability, assertiveness and social interaction,…

Personality disorders

What are personality disorders?  Personality disorders are enduring patterns of behaviours, thoughts and feelings that deviate from social norms. Many people exhibit these behaviours, thoughts or feelings occasionally, but deviations that persist across situations and cause significant distress and impairment are considered disorders. There are a number of different personality disorders. These include; antisocial personality disorder (disregard for the rights of others); schizoid personality disorder (detachment of social interactions and limited emotional expression); schizotypal personality disorder (discomfort of close relationships, cognitive distortions and eccentric behaviour); paranoid personality disorder (distrust and suspiciousness of others); borderline personality disorder (self-harming, difficulty relating to…

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