What is insight?

Insight is defined as the awareness of having a mental disorder, including an understanding of the social consequences associated with the disorder; the need for treatment; effects of medication; awareness of the implications; and awareness of the signs and symptoms of the disorder. Insight is clinically important and is linked to adherence to treatment, as patients who lack insight may not believe they have an illness and therefore do not believe they need medication.

What is the evidence on insight in people with bipolar disorder?

Moderate to high quality evidence suggests people with bipolar disorder in a manic phase with lower levels of insight at baseline showed greater improvement in symptoms, response, and remission post-treatment than patients with excellent insight at baseline (small to medium-sized effects). These results were adjusted for age, BMI, sex and symptom severity at baseline.

June 2020

Last updated at: 4:30 am, 25th June 2020
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