Self-help treatment

What is self-help treatment for PTSD?

Self-help treatment is offered through written manuals or books, but several internet and computer-based self-help programs have now been developed. Self-help programs use a standardised psychological treatment protocol comprising guidance for applying the treatment. The protocol is typically composed of relevant information, explanations, and exercises. The patients do most of the intervention on their own, with contact with a therapist being either non-existent or minimal and only facilitative or supportive in nature.

What is the evidence for self-help treatment for PTSD?

Moderate to high quality evidence found a medium-sized improvement in PTSD symptoms with self-help treatments compared to waitlist/placebo (supportive counselling). However, moderate to low quality evidence found a large effect of less improvement in PTSD symptoms with self-help treatments compared to face-to-face cognitive behavioural therapy.

August 2021

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