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Autism spectrum disorders

What are autism spectrum disorders?

Autism spectrum disorders are neurodevelopmental conditions characterised by problems in social interaction and communication, and restricted, repetitive behaviours. Symptoms usually appear before three years of age, but can appear later. Autism spectrum disorders are often associated intellectual disability, however average-IQ is frequent.

What is the evidence for comorbid autism spectrum disorders?

Moderate to high quality evidence finds the prevalence rate of schizophrenia spectrum disorders in adults with an autism spectrum disorder and with an IQ over 70, is around 6.4%. This is higher than general population rates of schizophrenia (around 1%).

Similarly, moderate quality evidence finds a significant, medium-sized effect of increased risk of schizophrenia in people with an autism spectrum disorder compared to people without an autism spectrum disorder.

April 2019

Last updated at: 6:05 am, 18th April 2019
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