Parental psychological factors

How do parental psychological factors relate to schizophrenia?

Exposure to maternal psychological factors such as stress, depression or psychosis during pregnancy, may be linked to risk of schizophrenia in the offspring. The mechanisms by which these factors influence risk of schizophrenia is unclear, however genetic predisposition and/or inflammatory processes caused by stress during pregnancy may be involved.

What is the evidence for parental psychological factors?

Moderate quality evidence suggests a medium-sized effect of increased risk of schizophrenia in offspring of mothers or fathers who had psychosis during the 24th-28th gestational week of pregnancy.

There were no effects on risk of schizophrenia in offspring of mothers with depressed mood during pregnancy, or of mothers exposed to stressful events during pregnancy (death of a husband, unwantedness of pregnancy, military conflicts, or flood disaster).

August 2020

Last updated at: 1:26 am, 26th August 2020
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