Strengths-based delivery

What is strengths-based delivery?

The strengths-based delivery approach is a person-centred approach that supports commitment to individual development and growth. The approach favours a low case manager load, low supervisor to case manager ratio, and structured weekly group supervision to ensure adherence to the principles of the model. Strengths assessment and personal recovery plans are developed in collaboration between service users and practitioners. Interventions are tailored to meet individual needs, with an emphasis on existing resources, such as supported employment, supported housing, supported education, and supported recreation.

What is the evidence for strengths-based delivery?

Low quality evidence is unable to determine any differences in symptoms, quality of life or functioning between strengths-based delivery models of care and standard care, assertive community treatment or traditional community treatment. Review authors conclude that as the number of trials is low, and more trials are required.

September 2020

Last updated at: 4:24 am, 14th September 2020
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