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Therapies for cognition

What is cognitive remediation? Cognitive impairment is an affliction for many people with bipolar disorder, and affects domains including executive function, attention, memory (particularly verbal memory), and social cognition. These deficits interfere considerably with day-to-day function. Cognitive remediation (or rehabilitation) interventions usually take the form of repetitive exercises with or without computers and sometimes augmented by group sessions, strategy coaching and homework exercises, which serve as training for cognitive processes such as memory or attention, as well as social skills and communication. Strategy learning focuses on providing alternative strategies to compensate for the observed difficulties with cognition; in contrast, rehearsal…

Medications for cognitive symptoms

What are cognitive symptoms in schizophrenia? Cognitive symptoms of schizophrenia have been found in all cognitive domains, including executive function, memory, and attention, and often develop prior to the other symptoms of schizophrenia. They are highly disabling and predict poor functional outcomes. What is the evidence for treatments for cognitive symptoms? Overall, moderate to high quality evidence suggests second-generation antipsychotics are associated with small improvements in processing speed, verbal fluency, learning, motor skills, long-term memory, and global cognition when compared to first generation antipsychotics, but have no benefit over first generation antipsychotics for improving attention, cognitive flexibility, working memory, delayed…

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