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Therapies for prevention of PTSD

What is psychotherapy for the prevention of PTSD? Early intervention models suggest psychological interventions given to an individual exposed to a traumatic event may prevent the onset of trauma-related symptoms. Cognitive therapies are based on the theory that an individual’s perception of a situation influences his or her emotional response to it. They aim to help people identify distorted thinking and to modify existing beliefs. Cognitive processing therapy is a type of cognitive therapy that involves psychoeducation, written accounts about the traumatic event, and cognitive restructuring to address beliefs about the event’s meaning and its implications. Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)…

All pharmaceutical treatments for prevention of PTSD

What are medications for the prevention of PTSD? Scientific understanding of the neurobiological changes occurring during PTSD onset shows memory consolidation appears particularly vulnerable to disruption in the first six hours after trauma, making this a crucial period for intervention for prevention of PTSD. This technical commentary presents the evidence on pharmaceutical interventions administered during this period. Please also see the psychotherapy for prevention of PTSD topic. What is the evidence on medications for the prevention of PTSD? Hydrocortisone is a glucocorticoid, which attenuates heightened fear response through increased removal of fear-inducing memories. Moderate to low quality evidence found a…

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