A to Z of Schizophrenia

Due to the increasing volume of worldwide research on schizophrenia, we have spent more than eight years reading, collating and assessing relevant systematic reviews to create a resource for people with schizophrenia, their families, clinicians, and the general public. The Library also provides a resource that can be used by students and scientists to identify pertinent research questions and gaps in the review literature, and can help to inform policy and clinical guideline development. Plans are under way to expand the Library to include other mental and brain-related disorders.

The Libraries are overseen by Professor Peter Schofield (Fellow of the Australian Academy of Health & Medical Science, Professor of Medicine, Doctor of Science, and PhD), and Dr Sandra Matheson (Bachelor of Science, Master of Public Health, and PhD). The health professionals who participated in the creation of the content of the Libraries have no conflicts of interest with commercial organisations. We do not host any form of advertisement.


May 2017


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Title Colour Legend:
Green - Topic summary is available.
Orange - Topic summary is being compiled.
Red - Topic summary has no current systematic review available.